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Our center offers highly specialized techniques and equipment to support women from pre conception through birth and beyond

Prenatal Massage Therapy:

Nurturing touch has been an important part of childbearing for thousands of years. Prenatal Massage supports relaxation and in turn allows for many physiological changes to take place. The ability to relax is an essential element to the birth process.


  • Reduce and prevent musculoskeletal pain and discomfort

  • Aids in the reduction of edema (swelling) and increases blood and lymph circulation.

  • Helps develop body awareness and flexibility necessary for active birthing

  • Promotes regular blood flow to the uterus during the prenatal stage and encourages the uterus back to its regular shape and size postpartum.

Post-Partum Massage Therapy:

A woman’s body goes through so many changes during a pregnancy, and most rapidly during and after birth. Many women lose 10 to 20 lbs within days of giving birth. This is a profound change for the body’s frame. Then add that now we are carrying around a child, breastfeeding, carrying car seats, diaper bags and other baby equipment, which puts more stress on a new mom’s body. Postpartum massage helps to nurture the new mom, and help restore balance to her body. It can help tone traumatized abdominal muscles after a C-Section and Postpartum Massage can help reduce scar tissue at the site of incisions (once cleared by your provider).

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Ab Rehab and Deliver “ease" class

The Transverse abdominal muscles, also known as the “core muscles” or “girdle muscles” are the most important abdominal muscles in the body.   These muscles protect the inner organs and stabilize the spine.  During pregnancy these muscles become stretched and weakened and cannot support the spine effectively.  This in turn gives way to low back pain and postpartum “baby belly.”

Learning simple breathing techniques can strengthen and condition the transverse abdominal muscles.  These skills provide the building blocks needed to maintain healthy body function and return to your pre-pregnancy body quickly.

Additional Benefits of Ab Rehab and Deliver “ease””


  • Coordinates abdominal conditioning with pelvic floor strengthening.  Strengthening the pelvic floor will lead to greater flexibility during the birth process and help protect the perineum from tearing.
  • Strengthen core muscles (transverse abdominals) needed for bearing down during delivery
  • Retains the integrity of the abdomen, preventing “diastasis recti,” the separation and bulging of the “six pack” (rectus abdominus) so your “baby belly” can go away faster.


  • Teaches techniques to obtain “functional core strength” and to use the abdominal muscles correctly for optimum strength and flexibility.
  • Transitions the body from pregnancy to postpartum lifestyle and helps recruit muscles need for lifting, carrying and breast feeding.
  •  Effectively closes the gap of “diastasis recti” to flatten the belly so that the patient can return to pre-pregnancy condition and beyond.


Infant Massage

Infant Massage

Infant Massage

Infant Massage is a fun, hands-on class that teaches parents and caregivers safe and beneficial massage techniques to soothe their babies, stimulate growth and learning potential and help new parents to bond with their baby.

Benefits for Babies:

● Relaxes and helps decrease stress
● Relieves discomfort from constipation, gas and colic, promoting good digestion
● Helps normalize muscle tone and improve blood circulation
● Helps baby sleep better
● Stimulates brain development and improves sensory awareness
● Promotes bonding and attachment

Benefits for Parents and Caregivers:

● Helps parents feel more comfortable and confident in caring for their baby
● Teaches parents to recognize baby’s cues
● Teaches techniques that will soothe and comfort babies
● Provides an additional avenue for close and nurturing contact

In this class, parent are invited to exchange ideas and discuss concerns.  The Infant Massage Class meets for 60 minute sessions, once a week, over a four week period. 

Private on site or in home classes available as well.


How old should my baby be to attend an Infant massage Class?

Baby's can attend as soon as the parents feel comfortable bringing their baby into a social environment.  However, babies up to about 8 weeks old have a very short attention span and parents may find themselves taking several breaks during class. This is sometimes worrisome for the parent but it is perfectly acceptable and causes no distraction to the rest of the class.

What if my baby cries during class?

 Of course your baby will cry! A baby's cry is their way of communicating.  It is expected, respected, and will not interfere with the class at all.  If parents feel uncomfortable, or want some private time, it is OK to leave the room and help baby meet his/her needs.

What if my baby gets hungry during class?

Eat! Feed your baby whenever needed. I will go over anything that parents feel they have missed. There will also be a break halfway through the class for parents and baby to eat (snacks provided)  and socialize.

What if I miss a class?

I am happy to arrange a time with any parent to go over anything missed or if additional information is needed.  Also, all massage strokes will be reviewed at the beginning of each class and all handouts will be passed out from previous classes missed.

Once registered, you will receive an email explaining what to bring to class, what to expect, and what each class will cover.  I can be contacted for any additional information not covered by the letter.

All class material is based on, and is in compliance with,  information provided by The International Association of Infant Massage and Infant Massage USA. 

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Heal Baby

Heal Baby

Heal Baby

Babies deserve the best start in life. Our practitioners are passionate about supporting whole body vibrant health for the whole family, and especially babies. Services and classes are specialized to help parents manage many common infant and childhood issues.



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