HealSpace, is an integrative therapeutic center focused on providing short term relief care and supporting long term whole body health for the whole family.

Our mission is to heal, educate and inspire vibrant health in our patients, their families and our community, by providing integrative therapies, workshops and classes focused on function, fitness and natural whole body health.

As a family centered practice, we cater to the special needs of pregnancy, postpartum and our pediatric patients, but we care for the entire family as well, including teens, adults and seniors.

Whether your goal is to manage acute or chronic conditions, or to maintain vibrant health for you and your family, we look at health as a team sport with individualized strategies for each person.

Come join our team, and explore your healthiest wellness potential through: chiropractic, massage, craniosacral therapy, advanced reiki, acupuncture, yoga and nutrition.

HealSpace educational programs are focused on healthy pregnancies, healthy families, fitness, function, nutrition, posture and natural health strategies for feeling great, and staying that way!